Dedicated to the memory of SGM Bobby M. "Griff" Griffis Sr

On March 3, 2017 god welcomed a new Angel.

My dad was many things to many people. To my brother and I he was a giant among men. He was a man who stood for character, honor, love, and the things that you read about in books or see in movies.

To my mom he was a life partner of over 42 years of marriage, a love, a protector, an antagonist, but most of all a devoted husband. He loved my mom with a passion and there was never a dull moment.

To his friends he was a tough exterior with a warm center. He had high standards, but everyone appreciated that of him...eventually.

He believed in a strong work ethic and that you should earn what you have in this life.

He had so many friends in the last month of his life reaching out that he spent the last weeks of his life filled with joyous conversations from names of people my brother and I have heard for the last 30 years.

I never appreciated the depth and breadth of friendships he really had until now. To those who had the opportunity to speak with him, thank you. To those who didn't, please know he loved you.

My dad was a loving brother who cared deeply for his family. George Edward "Eddie" Griffis and Willie Griffis, thank you for all the joy you brought to him.
One of his most proud accomplishments was his grandchildren, Corinne, Donovan, Samuel, Grace, and Evelyn. He was so in love with them. Corinne was his Queen, Donovan his King, Sam his Champion, and Grace & Evelyn his Princesses. He adored them all and spent as much time as possible with them. He is so very proud of you kids.

Many of you may not know the many struggles my dad faced in his life. He came from less than nothing in the back woods of Georgia to the Boy's Estate where he learned be a man. He was deployed to Vietnam and received a Purple Heart. He then worked many jobs at once to make a life for our family and built our house himself with little outside help over a period of years.

He was a man who believed that no matter what this life throws at you that anything is possible. He believed that you decide your fate. He worked hard for everything he owned and was self made.

But one thing he always wanted more than anything else was a family of his own. One he vowed at the age of 12 to take care of. He knew life could be different. He created his reality.

He had a family and lived up to it all. He proved that you can be whatever you want.

He used to say because he had us he was a millionaire. It wasn't about money. It was about love.

And that was the one thing he wanted above all. He wanted to love and be loved. That is something without question that he achieved.

As you read this or think of him we ask that you leave your stories, photos, and videos for us all to share. #RIP Bobby M Griffis Sr

Whether it is a joke, a memory, or a wish. We appreciate them all. It is in telling these stories that we honor him, heal ourselves, and show our love. All are welcome to share.

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I'll miss you Bobby and that big grin and booming voice calling out across a parking lot or the parade field at Ft. Devens. We served together in a US Army Reserve unit in the early 1970's and kept bumping into each other on and off for the next 30 or so years. I always thought of you as a friend and looked forward to our conversations that would pick up where we had left off, years earlier. See you at Fiddlers Green, my friend.
Sent by Shaun on 21/03/2017
Bobby, you were always calling me to help you with our GFEBS system to input Purchase Requests. I was always happy to help. You were always good to me. A good loving husband to your wife and boys. You talked about them all the time. I'll miss our phone conversations and your presence among us at Ft Devens. My thoughts and prayers go out to your wife and family. You'll be greatly missed. Deb Ouellette
Sent by Deb on 20/03/2017
There's a strange point in a young boy's life when valuable morals and personal character are suddenly thrust into the forefront, in sort of a "eureka" moment. That moment occurred for me the day I met my Cub Scout leader Mr. Griffis. It was obvious right away, even at a very young age, that this was a different type of man. Whether I was playing with my good friend Keith or participating in a Scout function, when Mr. Griffis was around, I couldn't help but take notice. His moral compass was one that others strived to set theirs to. He preached family, hard work, loyalty, & respect, and it carried so much weight because he embodied all those important characteristics to a T. He possessed that uncanny ability to say more with a glance in your direction than words could ever convey. Underneath all those layers, Mr. Griffis had a great sense of humor and always made me feel good when he laughed at my stupid little kid jokes. I'll always remember whenever we would muster in a public setting, he would tell us, "Remember, we're gentlemen." It's such a small thing, but it was important to hear, and just. . . so him. Something I will certainly be saying to my three boys regularly when they're older when we leave the house. (Don't worry Mr. Griffis, I'll give you the credit ;) Mrs. (Gloria) Griffis, Bobby, Keith, and all the extended family and friends I never had the chance to meet, I'm sorry. Please take some solace in knowing that Mr. Griffis's life has so positively impacted mine and many others in an extremely important way. His unyielding love for his family, of country, and dedication to duty will live on in many of us whom he has so profoundly affected. Rest In Peace sir. -Travis Dery
Sent by Travis on 16/03/2017


I worked with and got to know Bobby as a contract employee in the 2004-5 time frame at Devens. To say that Bobby had a unique personality would be an understatement. Bobby and I would certainly go through some interesting situations and have some absolutely interesting conversations. Over the time that I worked with Bobby and as I got to know him as the unique person that was Bobby Griffis, I saw first hand that Bobby possessed a "High Moral Character", with unquestionable "Integrity" and absolute "Honesty". Bobby would kick my butt at times and I would kick his butt at times, but with no hard feelings and with total respect for each other. For me...Bobby would always be willing to teach me things...always willing to share our give each other great advice, and when needed to cry and be comforting of each other. Bobby told me more than once that he always new I would have his back and I always new he had my back. That is just a small story from someone who has worked with Bobby and who would visit him every couple of weeks after I left to always keep in touch and to catch up. There is so much more that I could tell, but what is important to me is Bobby Griffis is my friend and I will always treasure that friendship!! You have had an impact on my life and I will never forget you!! You have shown yourself to be a great husband, great father, a great grandfather, and a great friend to me and to so many many more. Your Legacy is secure through your wife, sons and grandchildren!! You did GOOD Bobby Griffis....You did GOOD!! RIP my friend....I will miss you in so many ways and think of you often and I will pray for your family every day!! Thank you Bobby!! RIP
Lit by Greg Zupan on 12/03/2017
Lit by Kim on 12/03/2017
We love you Pop. We will miss you. Thanks for being my Dad.
Lit by Keith on 10/03/2017
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